Top 10 Netflix gems you might not have seen… Volume 2

Sick of flicking through the same old suggestions on Netflix? Cinema Perspective can help, picking out ten fantastic films that you might not have seen. There’s a mix of old and new movies from a variety of genres, from intense drama to fun flicks! Enjoy…

A Most Violent Year


J. C. Chandor’s crime drama A Most Violent Year showcases two of the industry’s most in-demand movie stars at the top of their game. Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain are Abel and Anna Morales, a power couple that will stop at nothing to succeed in 1981 New York, the city’s most dangerous year on record.
Hunt for the Wilderpeople


This New Zealand indie comedy was a huge hit on the festival circuit, picking up the Audience Award at last year’s Edinburgh Film Festival, but only had a limited release. The success has springboarded the career of director Taika Waititi into the mainstream, earning him the chance to direct one of the latest Marvel movies Thor: Ragnarok.
Appropriate Behaviour


If Woody Allen was a thirty-something Iranian bisexual, he probably would have made something like this. Desiree Akhavan writes, directs and stars in Appropriate Behaviour, a comedy which follows hapless hipster Shirin through highs and lows of life in New York City.

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Green Room


I’ve been telling everyone about Green Room ever since it blew me away at the cinema last year, and I won’t stop. It stars Patrick Stewart, Imogen Poots and the late Anton Yelchin and follows anarchic punk band The Ain’t Rights through a battle of the bands, then a fight for survival in this suspenseful horror.

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Les Bleus une autre histoire de France


This insightful documentary is a must-see for football fans, charting the epic rise and controversial fall of the French national side across a twenty year period. Arsene Wenger, Lillian Thuram and Robert Pires are amongst the host of key figures who provide their views on the many talking points.
The Neon Demon


Bronson, Drive and Only God Forgives feature within the striking back-catalogue of Danish writer and director Nicolas Winding Refn. Elle Fanning stars as Jesse in his most recent movie The Neon Demon, which takes place within the cut-throat world of the beauty obsessed LA modelling industry.

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From the man behind Italian crime television series Romanzo Criminale and Gomorrah, this stunning gangster drama explores the repercussions of when politics, religion and organised crime collide as plans are set in motion to turn the Rome waterfront into the Las Vegas of Europe.

Check out my full review!

Everyone’s Going to Die


This wacky but thought-provoking drama had its UK premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival back in 2013, and is written and directed by a filmmaker known only as Jones. The plot follows German waitress Melanie and aging hit-man Ray as their juxtaposing lives intertwine in a seaside town.
Hard Eight


Paul Thomas Anderson is perhaps one of the most accomplished directors working today, with movies such as There Will Be Blood, The Master and Inherent Vice to his name. Gambling drama Hard Eight is his lesser-known debut feature from back in 1996. It boasts an all-star cast including John C. Reilly, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson and the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman.
The End of the Tour


The end of the list is marked by The End of the Tour, the true story of a meeting of minds between acclaimed novelist David Foster Wallace and Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky. Directed by James Ponsoldt, this fascinating piece features Jesse Eisenberg in what I think is his best performance since The Social Network.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Netflix gems you might not have seen… Volume 2

  1. Haven’t seen a few of the films on this list, cheers for the recommendations! Do you ever share your work on any film or entertainment sites? I’m a content manager here at moviepilot.com and if you’re interested, we would love to share some of your work with our audiences!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Julian!

      No problem. I hope you enjoy my recommendations.

      I’ve had work published on entertainment sites in the past but mostly my work is only available here. Feel free to share my content at MoviePilot, but please link back to me! 🙂


      1. Hey cheers! I’m glad you’re into the idea, but you would actually be able to share it all yourself. We would simply curate it on the site once you do. Write me an email wehnever if you’re still interested, I can walk you through the steps to get started.


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