Top 5 ‘American __________’ Films

Off the back of the release of ‘American Sniper’, Clint Eastwood’s patriotic biopic of the US military’s deadliest shooter Chris Kyle, I run down five of the best ‘American _______’ pictures.
5. American Psycho
Who can forget Christian Bale’s crazed performance as investment banker Patrick Bateman? Based on Bret Easton Ellis’ book of the same name, ‘American Psycho’ is a bloody good film.
4. American Pie
Often, the original is best and this definitely applies to teen comedy franchise ‘American Pie’. The first film saw Jim and his friends make a pact to all lose their virginity on prom night, leading to hilarious cringe-worthy incidents of humiliation. After the initial trilogy, the embarrassment continued with poorly received spin-offs.
3. American History X
In ‘American History X’, Edward Norton stars as neo-Nazi extremist Derek Vinyard. After serving time in prison for manslaughter, he and his views are released to influence his younger brother and those around him. Remembered for its brutality and non-linear narrative, it is a modern masterpiece that came 311th in Empire’s list of the Greatest Movies of All Time.
2. American Gangster
Ridley Scott has been a little bit hit and miss in the past decade or so but his crime epic ‘American Gangster’ was undoubtedly a high point. With colossal performances from Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, the story of drug-smuggling Frank Lucas was exhilarating from start to finish.
1. American Beauty
Taking the top spot is the iconic ‘American Beauty’ directed by Sam Mendes. The plot follows the midlife crisis of office worker Lester Burnham, played brilliantly by Kevin Spacey, who falls in love with his teenage daughter’s best friend. If his wife finds out, it’ll be no bed of roses…

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