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DVD review: The Guvnors


Putting aside the straight-to-DVD bargain bucket releases, we are occasionally reminded that the British crime genre can still throw out the odd cracker, and luckily with ‘The Guvnors’, written and directed by Gabe Turner, this is one of those times. When a gang of London council estate hoodies, led by Adam Shenko (Harley Sylvester), try to stamp their authority, or mark their turf if you will, they are fobbed off by remarks that they would never earn the same respect as ‘the Guvnors’; a legendary local football-hooligan squad. Threatened and irritated by the comparison, an open challenge is made to the cockney geezers, who appear to have put their violent pasts behind them, to find out who has the running of the town. Up steps former footsoldier Mitch (Doug Allen) to face off against the young team and settle the score for good.

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