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Film review: After Yang

Following the widespread critical acclaim of his debut film Columbus in 2017, South Korean-born American filmmaker Kogonada, whose moniker is inspired by screenwriter Kogo Noda, is back in the director’s chair. After Yang is a sci-fi family drama based on the short story ‘Saying Goodbye to Yang’ by Alexander Weinstein.

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DVD review: Queen & Slim

 American filmmaker Melina Matsoukas has been a decorated name in the music video industry for a while and has worked with the biggest popstars in the business. In recent years, she’s transitioned into television and has now made her directorial debut in film with romantic crime drama Queen & Slim. The story begins as defence attorney Angela (Jodie Turner-Smith) goes on a Tinder date with Earnest (Daniel Kaluuya) at a grubby local diner. On the drive home, they are pulled over by the police and an altercation with a white male cop rapidly escalates. Impulsively, they decide to run from the law, and a nationwide manhunt for ‘cop killers’ quickly ensues.

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