Must-See Movies of August 2017

In my home city of Edinburgh, the Fringe Festival is upon us, with music, theatre and comedy engulfing the cobbled streets. However, there is still plenty to see in the darkened comfort of the cinema. Here are my picks of the month…
England is Mine
Dunkirk actor Jack Lowden stars as indie icon Stephen Patrick Morrissey in a biopic that focuses on his life before the super-stardom he achieved as the frontman of The Smiths.
Read my five star review here!
Atomic Blonde
Any movie starring Charlize Theron is usually worth the ticket price, and her next project sees her take on the role of an undercover MI6 agent during the Cold War. This action thriller is directed by David Leitch and also stars James McAvoy, Toby Jones and John Goodman.
A Ghost Story
Cinema Perspective favourite Rooney Mara appears alongside Casey Affleck in A Ghost Story, directed by David Lowery. He last worked with the pair on Western romance Ain’t Them Bodies Saints and you can find my review of that collaboration here!
The Dark Tower
Horror writer Stephen King is no stranger to having his novels adapted for film, with Carrie, The Shining and It among the many big-screen adaptations of his work. The latest to receive the cinematic treatment is The Dark Tower, which will star Idris Elba and Matthew McConnaughey.
Logan Lucky


Daniel Craig, Adam Driver and Channing Tatum star in the latest film from Stephen Soderbergh, the director who always threatens to hang up his clapper board but thankfully never does. The comedy plot follows two brothers who aim to pull off a heist at a North Carolina NASCAR rally.
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