DVD review: Alien: Covenant


The acclaimed filmmaker Ridley Scott resurrected his iconic sci-fi franchise five years ago and the project was hugely divisive amongst audiences. Now he is back again to direct the sequel to his prequel with Alien: Covenant, which takes place a decade after the events of Prometheus. Set in 2104, the story follows the crew of a colony spaceship as they embark on a mission to find a new home for humankind. After they suffer a tragic setback on their quest, first mate Christopher Oram (Billy Crudup) and second-in-command Daniels (Katherine Waterston) must work together to reach their destination with the help of resident synthetic android Walter (Michael Fassbender). Their plan changes when they intercept a strange radio transmission from a nearby planet, leading the expedition on a deadly detour into the unknown.

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DVD review: Unlocked


Tackling subject matter that feels frighteningly topical in the current climate, veteran filmmaker Michael Apted directs terrorism thriller Unlocked. The story centres around undercover CIA interrogator Alice Racine (Noomi Rapace) who is guilt-ridden from failing to prevent an attack in Paris five years earlier. She is lured back into her dangerous line of work as London is put at risk by a deadly biological threat. She turns to her mentor Eric Lasch (Michael Douglas) and MI5 agent Emily Knowles (Toni Collette) for help and finds an unlikely ally in thuggish ex-marine Jack Alcott (Orlando Bloom) as she becomes embroiled in a plot to bring down the perpetrators behind the peril.

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DVD review: The Sense of an Ending


Why learn to live with mistakes and regret when you can simply grow old and forget about them? In The Sense of an Ending, BAFTA nominated Indian filmmaker Ritesh Batra begs this question in what is his first English language feature. Adapted from Julian Barnes’ Booker Prize-winning novel of the same name, the plot centres around retired divorcee Tony Webster (Jim Broadbent), a grumpy old man who receives some post that leads him to reflect on his youth. The letter is from the recently departed mother of Veronica Ford (Freya Mavor), a girl that he dated years earlier. Strangely he is left a small sum of money and a diary in her will, and while he is interested to find out more, a trip down memory lane reveals forgotten truths from his past.

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